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Increment at the end of sprint

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    Delphine PICHOTIN

    In your examblanc1 :
    For the question “A product Increment must be released to production at the end of each Sprint : ” answer is false.

    In the the scrum guide 2020 , it is written (P.12) = .. However, an increment may be delivered to stakeholders prior to the end of sprint”.
    Still in your examblanc”1, few questions after, you can read :
    The purpose of a Sprint is to produce a done Increment of product : corrrect answer is : True

    I guess the difference, but can you make it real clear for me please ?

    Maßtre des clés

    Bonjour Delphine,

    Good question :), regarding your first question it’s normal because a product increment should be usable and potentially releasable at the end of every Sprint, but it does not have to be released. Si if the question was with “may be released” instead of “must be released” the response will be yes.
    Here the MUST is too restrictive and not align with the framework, regarding your second point the response is true because if at the end of a sprint an increment can be released, we need to have an increment at the end of the sprint to be able to have something releasable.

    I hope my explanation was clear 🙂


    Delphine PICHOTIN

    Perfect for me thank yoou

    Maßtre des clés

    You are welcome 🙂

4 sujets de 1 à 4 (sur un total de 4)
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